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Why Modern Dentures Are Much Better Than They Used to Be!

When you think of dentures, your mental image is probably greatly influenced by cartoons; images of dentures popping out, falling out, and being stolen by dogs have made for high entertainment value in movies and TV shows. But if you are considering getting dentures in James Island, it’s important to be aware that modern dentures are a far cry from...
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Steps in a Dental Implant Treatment, Part 2 | James Island Dentists

Now that we have discussed the initial steps of a dental implant procedure, it’s time to talk about what you will experience during the remaining steps. Step 4: Drilling into the jaw bone This is the part of the implant process that tends to make patients very nervous. And it’s true; there are some significant, yet rare, risks. However, in...
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Steps in a Dental Implant Treatment, Part 1 – What to Expect from a James Island Dentist

If you are considering getting a dental implant, or have already decided to do so, you may be understandably a bit nervous about undergoing the procedure. While it’s true that getting a dental implant is a complex process, and does involve a degree of discomfort, the pain you experience should be minimal. Read on to learn what to expect during...
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