Why Modern Dentures Are Much Better Than They Used to Be!

When you think of dentures, your mental image is probably greatly influenced by cartoons; images of dentures popping out, falling out, and being stolen by dogs have made for high entertainment value in movies and TV shows. But if you are considering getting dentures in James Island, it’s important to be aware that modern dentures are a far cry from what they were in the past. Keep reading to learn how dentures have improved over the past few decades!  

No More Falling Out

Many modern dentures are secured to the patient’s mouth through dental implants. Implant-retained dentures use as few as two dental implants to anchor the dentures in place. The dentures can be “snapped” in and removed for cleaning. The implant-retaining method gives you teeth that don’t just look aesthetically natural; they function naturally, too!

No More Plastic 

In the past, dentures were made of plastic, creating a smile that looked fake and artificial. Even today, some cheaper brands of dentures still rely on plastic to keep costs low. And while porcelain was also occasionally used in the past, it was fragile and prone to breaking. Today’s dental porcelain is far superior both in appearance and durability. Modern dental porcelain has the same coloration and translucency as natural teeth, and are tough enough to chew steak, bite into an apple, or do anything else you please. 

The dental base, or the artificial gum line that supports the teeth, has improved, too. Instead of being made of plastic, artificial gums have more texture, translucency and depth, perfectly imitating natural gum tissue. And, just as with the teeth portion of the dentures, the dental base can be color-matched against a wide range of colors, so that they blend in perfectly with your natural gums. 

Perfectly Imperfect 

In the past, cosmetic dentures focused on achieving perfection, going so far as to use mathematical ratios to precisely define and shape each tooth. The result was bright, shiny teeth that looked, well, exactly like dentures! Today, cosmetic dentists have a greater understanding that the quality that makes a smile attractive is its uniqueness. That’s why we will differentiate your dentures so they are customized for each individual.

Learn How Our James Island Dentures Can Change Your Life! 

If you are considering getting dentures to correct your smile, we sincerely hope you will decide to move forward with the treatment. Dentures give many of our patients their lives back, allowing them to chew healthier foods, enjoy mealtimes, and have greater confidence when talking and smiling. Dentures can even improve your facial appearance by restoring your jaw to its natural position! To learn more about getting dentures in James Island or Charleston, please click here to set up an appointment with our local dentist. We can’t wait to hear from you!