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Steps in a Dental Implant Treatment, Part 2 | James Island Dentists

Now that we have discussed the initial steps of a dental implant procedure, it’s time to talk about what you will experience during the remaining steps. Step 4: Drilling into the jaw bone This is the part of the implant process that tends to make patients very nervous. And it’s true; there are some significant, yet rare, risks. However, in...
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Steps in a Dental Implant Treatment, Part 1 – What to Expect from a James Island Dentist

If you are considering getting a dental implant, or have already decided to do so, you may be understandably a bit nervous about undergoing the procedure. While it’s true that getting a dental implant is a complex process, and does involve a degree of discomfort, the pain you experience should be minimal. Read on to learn what to expect during...
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