Missing Teeth? Find Out What the Best Option for You Is from Our Charleston Emergency Dentists   

There may come a time where we have to experience the unfortunate event of losing our teeth prematurely. This may cause a great deal of insecurity in our social lives, causing us to hide our smiles, or simply avoid going out in public altogether. Luckily, there are options in the Charleston area for people who are missing teeth to regain their smile and rebuild their confidence.

Dental implants are frames that are surgically placed into the upper and/or lower jawbone, functioning as a foundation for prosthetic teeth. Because implants are a surgical procedure, it’s important that the patient considering this option is in good health. There are three stages of the dental implant:

1.Placement: The frame that is inserted into the jawbone must be placed
2.Healing: As with all surgical procedures, the implant will need to heal. What makes an implant secure is that the jaw bone actually grows around the frame, permanently sealing it in place.
3.Prosthesis: after the healing process, a man-made tooth is attached to the implant, which replaces the previous tooth.

The healing process may take several months for some patients. The prosthesis may also take some time to create, so a denture may be assigned in the meantime.

Dental Crowns and Bridges
Fixed Bridges are devices used to “bridge” the gap between one or more teeth. The two outermost teeth on the bridge are called crowns and are used to attach the bridge to your gums. The remaining teeth in the bridge are called pontics and represent the actual teeth that are being replaced.

The placement of dental crowns and bridges usually requires multiple doctor visits to complete. During the process, your dentist will place a temporary bridge to protect the open wound.

And of course, one of the most popular tooth replacement methods includes dentures. There’s not a single Charleston dentist that will not have plenty of resources on how to obtain dentures for patients who are interested in this method of treatment. This type of tooth replacement is removable, giving you a little more flexibility than the permanent options.

Patients in the Charleston area have a world of options to choose from when it comes to teeth replacement. If you’re looking for a Charleston dentist, please feel free to call our office to talk about your tooth replacement today!