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What Procedures Does Our James Island Cosmetic Dentist Perform?

From simpler procedures to more complex repairs, a cosmetic dentist can perform several kinds of procedures to make you feel better about your smile. Several treatment options can be performed at your local dentist office to help repair discolored, chipped or even missing teeth. Teeth can be reshaped, spaces can be filled, worn teeth can be restored, and lengths can...
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Are Veneers Permanent or Reversible? Ask Our Charleston Dentist

If you are considering getting veneers from our Charleston cosmetic dentist, you may be wondering how much of a commitment you will have to make. Get the answers below.  How Veneers Are Applied  Most porcelain or composite dental veneers are 02.-0.3 mm thick. If we applied them directly to the surface of your existing teeth, they would feel very thick...
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