Dental 3-D Printing

3D Printing for Dental Appliances

Here at Lowcountry Dental Arts we have been investing in the latest technology to better serve our patients. Our latest edition to the practice is the EnvisionTEC D4K Pro 3-D printer. It has one of the highest resolution prints available which means better fitting products for our patients. This incredible machine will aid our practice in providing state of the art appliances and restorations including but not limited to custom fit occlusal guards, partial dentures, complete dentures, and even inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers! Revolutionary new printing materials are coming out every day that are changing the way we practice dentistry for the better! We are proud to be providing cutting edge care here at Lowcountry Dental Arts with our new EnvisionTEC D4K Pro 3-D printer!

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For more information about how we can utilize our new dental 3D printer for your dental needs, please chedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist as soon as possible. Call Lowcountry Dental Arts today to become a new, lasting patient with our highly trusted and skilled general dentist!

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