What Procedures Does Our James Island Cosmetic Dentist Perform?

From simpler procedures to more complex repairs, a cosmetic dentist can perform several kinds of procedures to make you feel better about your smile. Several treatment options can be performed at your local dentist office to help repair discolored, chipped or even missing teeth. Teeth can be reshaped, spaces can be filled, worn teeth can be restored, and lengths can also be altered. Some examples of treatments include bleaching, bonding, crowns and veneers.

Bleaching (Teeth Whitening)

A common chemical process, bleaching is often done to make the teeth white again. Some patients may have stained teeth they wish to mask while others simply wish to have a whiter shade for their smiles. Enamel is the source for most discoloration, and it can be due to cigarettes, coffee, soda, medication, hereditary conditions or even just aging.

This procedure can easily be performed in the office under dental supervision. In fact, it’s such a simple process that it’s even possible to perform at home under supervision. In either case, the dentist will create a mouthpiece based on your teeth so that you obtain the right amount of solution to apply. Depending on the shade you’d like, at-home whitening can take up to four weeks; in-office whitening will take a one-hour appointment.


This refers to taking material the same color as teeth and eliminating the spaces between teeth. Bonding can last several years and generally only requires one visit to the office to undergo. Compared to other forms of restoration, bonding is less expensive but more likely to chip or become stained.

In a similar vein, bonding can also be the choice for filling small cavities with tooth-colored materials. It can even close off gaps between teeth while covering the whole surface of a tooth in order to reshape and recolor it.


Also referred to as caps, crowns are meant to restore a tooth’s shape by covering it up. Because they’re more expensive, this is usually meant for patients who cannot undergo other methods of restoration. Although they take the longest time to install, crowns will last the longest.


Thin pieces of porcelain, veneers are put onto uneven, discolored or crooked teeth. These treat much of the same issues that bonding can fix.

Whether you’re searching for one of these procedures or another unlisted one, be sure to schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist today; we’re prepared to answer all your questions.