6 Questions to Ask Our Dentist in James Island During Your Next Teeth Cleaning

Visiting the dentist is a process that seems to incite trepidation in individuals, regardless of their ages. However, these appointments are so important to both dental health and overall health. At your next appointment, don’t be a passive patient; take an active role in your health by asking important questions.

1. Am I brushing correctly?
Show your dentist how you brush your teeth. Don’t try to fake the procedure to make it look better. Authentic advice on your brushing skills provides you with an important tool that you can use on a daily basis.

2. Will my family history affect me?
Talking to your James Island general dentist about any conditions that run in your family is smart. You may discover that the conditions are not hereditary. On the other hand, you may learn that you need to start taking steps to protect against those diseases.

3. Am I showing early signs of any diseases?
At your dental exams, you want to have your teeth cleaned, and you want to know if you are exhibiting symptoms of any conditions. Knowing early is important so that you can take the necessary actions to prevent the disease from spreading or growing worse.

4. How do I floss?
Whether you have flossed every day since you had teeth or you have never picked up this string in your life, you want to learn the correct practice from your James Island general dentist.

5. When should I bring my kids in?
Scheduling appointments for your children’s dental exams is just as important as making them for yourself. When you have kids, you should ask your dentist about the right time to schedule appointments for them with a pediatric expert.

6. Are any foods or drinks hurting my teeth?
Asking your dentist this question doesn’t mean you need to stop consuming certain products. However, if your dentist says that the amount of coffee you drink is causing problems for your teeth, you may want to start thinking about cutting back to a cup or two per day.

Asking these questions during your exams helps you to have a better picture of your own health. When you are ready to schedule an appointment to learn about reclaiming your dental hygiene, give our James Island dentist office a call today!