4 Foods That Are Surprisingly High in Sugar from our Charleston Dentist

When we think of foods that are high in sugar, we tend to think of sodas, candies, cookies, and other desserts. Surprisingly, though, many American foods are high in sugar, even though they don’t taste “sweet”, or are thought of as “healthy.” Here are just a few high-sugar foods to watch out for.

Low-fat yogurt

Many products marketed as “light” or “low-fat” often contain more sugar than the regular versions. Low-fat yogurt is one of the biggest culprits, with some brands having as much as 12 teaspoons in a single 250-gram cup. The recommended sugar intake is 6 teaspoons a day for women and 9 for men—so if you’re a woman, you’re getting twice your recommended dose of sugar in just one cup! Therefore, if you want to get your yogurt fix, it’s best to stick with full-fat Greek yogurt that’s been naturally sweetened with fruit.

Spaghetti sauce

Since spaghetti sauce is made of tomatoes, all brands will contain some natural sugars. However, many popular brands of spaghetti sauce have sugar added to them, as well. If you don’t have the time to make your own spaghetti sauce at home, be sure to check the label carefully to make sure that sugar isn’t a major ingredient.

Canned soup

Premade soup is another “savory” item that tends to be high in added sugar. Of course, some naturally occurring sugars are to be expected from vegetables and grains. However, many processed soups contain high fructose corn syrup, barley malt, dextrose, and maltose—all just different words for sugar. When shopping for soup, check the label carefully for a high sugar content, or just make your own at home.

Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast cereals are a popular, quick-and-easy breakfast food. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the worst high-sugar foods you can eat. Some breakfast cereals, particularly those marketed towards children, can contain up to 24 grams, or 6 teaspoons of sugar, in a just two-ounce serving (the standard serving size for most adults.) To cut down on your sugar intake, try choosing a high-fiber, low-sugar alternative. Better yet, skip the cereal and have some eggs!

Take care of your teeth with our Charleston SC dentist office

Of course, some sugar every so often is fine, but consuming sugar quite often can have some serious negative effects on your oral health. The bacteria that destroy your tooth enamel love sugar, so it’s best to give them as little as possible to munch on! If you need a dentist appointment or would like more advice on taking care of your smile, schedule an appointment with our Charleston dentist office here.