What Will Life Be Like With Dental Implants?

While you are busy digesting the fact that several of your teeth have to go, the cosmetic dentist is running a couple of quick tests. It turns out you are a prime candidate for dental implants. Now is the time to talk with the dentist and learn more about how those implants will help you in the future. Here are some of the perks you will enjoy.

A Natural Look

One of the biggest points in favor of implants is how natural they look. You’ve probably seen dentures that look good, but implants will easily surpass even the most carefully crafted partial or full denture. Since the teeth that have to go are near the front, you want replacements that look just like all the teeth that will remain.

Implants Stay in Place

Partials are not bad options, but they do take some effort to keep in position. Along with connecting them to the surrounding teeth, there will be the need to use some type of adhesive. If you opt for implants instead, you can forget about dealing with messy adhesives. Those implants fill the same space in the gum that your natural teeth once held. They are strong, sturdy, and will not slip out of place while you are eating, talking, or doing anything else that you would normally do.

No Special Attention

The things you normally do to take care of your teeth will remain the same. As the cosmetic dentist will explain, you’ll still brush after meals. Using mouthwash is still an option. In spite of the oral surgery, you’ll still need to come in a couple of times each year for checkups and cleanings. In short, life will go on much as it has in the past. Your routine will not have to change.

Lasting a Lifetime

Once you choose to have this type of oral surgery, the installation of those implants will often mean never having to replace them. Compare that with having to replace dentures after several years. There are people who have implants and keep the same ones until they day they die. While the surgery is more involved and you will go through a recovery period, the savings in the years to come are worth it.

For more information about dental implants and the benefits they provide, contact our dental team today. Arrange for an examination and find out if you are a candidate for the implants. If so, the dentist can go over the specifics of the procedure, how the caps are made for each implant, and what you can expect in terms of recovery period.

After learning more about the procedure and what it will do for you, there’s a good chance you’ll want to get started as soon as possible. Contact our James Island dental practice to learn more about dental implant services!