What the Art of Restorative Dentistry Can Do For You

The goal of good dental hygiene is to preserve your natural teeth for life, but that’s not always the way things play out. If you’ve lost or damaged one or more teeth, you’re ready to enter the world of restorative dentistry. Thanks to modern technology and good old-fashioned dental skill, it’s almost always possible to restore your teeth to an all-natural condition no matter what problems they’ve had in the past.

Restorative Dentistry Defined

Restorative dental work is an informal category that basically covers fixing and repairing broken teeth. Restorative work includes everything from root canals to creating dentures. Basic fillings and crowns can be considered restorative work, as can advanced dental implants.

If you need assistance with a damaged tooth, you need to see an experienced dentist who has done plenty of restorative work in the past. He or she will be able to diagnose your problem and craft a solution that gets your mouth back to full working order.

Dental Bridges and Other Permanent Appliances

A “bridge” is a purpose-built dental appliance designed to take the place of missing teeth. It bridges the gap between the natural teeth and protects them from further damage. (Dental bridges also give you back a complete bite pattern, obviously!)

A dental bridge falls into the category of permanent appliances (along with other pieces of restorative work like crowns and implants) because it doesn’t come out of your mouth after it’s been installed. The alternative — a removable replacement for one or more missing teeth — would be considered a partial denture.

Permanent appliances need more than just good design and proper installation to be effective. Your dentist will provide you with instructions for caring for your appliance that you should follow scrupulously. In most cases, the care your dental appliance needs will be similar to ordinary home dental care, although some appliances involve some form of extra attention. (Fixed bridges, for instance, typically require extra flossing in between the bridge and your natural teeth.)

Why Choosing An Experienced Dentist Is Vital

Permanent restorative appliances are going to stay in your mouth for years at a time, it’s extremely important that they get crafted and installed correctly. Your dentist’s experience counts for a lot here. When it’s installed well and cared for properly, a permanent dental appliance should last at least ten years.

Restorative dental work is so important to your long-term health and quality of life, it’s a good idea to make sure you entrust it to a professional with real expertise. Don’t be afraid to ask about your dentist’s track record before making any commitments. Get in touch with your dentist today to find out if you’re ready to have restorative work done.