The Top 5 Best Female Celebrity Smiles

At Lowcountry Dental Arts, we spend so much time on cosmetic dentistry that we can’t help but admire a beautiful set of teeth! Here are some of the most beautiful female celebrity smiles we’ve ever seen. To get help with teeth whitening, Invisalign, or another cosmetic dentistry service, schedule an appointment with our Charleston dentist office today.

Lupita Nyong’o

This Oscar-winning actress, director, and producer is much more than just a pretty face–but her stunning smile probably doesn’t hurt. Even though she has graced many beauty magazines, Nyong’o told Elle that she didn’t always feel so confident. “Around 13 or 14, I had such a rough time with being teased and feeling really unpretty,” she said. Nowadays, the tables have turned, with Nyong’o being named People’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World and posing in countless modeling campaigns.

Daisy Ridley

A relative newcomer to Hollywood, Ridley’s role as lead character Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens propelled her to international fame in 2016. Fans immediately fell in love with her spunky charisma in off-screen interviews, accompanied by her radiant smile.

Sofia Vergara

This Colombian-born actress got her start in Spanish-language soap operas, but her first career choice was to be…a dentist! Vergara was only two semesters shy of finishing a dental degree when she traded dental school for the small screen. However, she told People that dental health still remains a top priority for her.

Miranda Kerr

This Australian model’s pearly whites have doubtlessly helped her land contracts with Swarovski, Victoria’s Secret, Reebok, and more. Kerr was first noticed in 1997 when she won a magazine modeling contest. In an interview, Kerr’s mother, Therese Kerr, said that she submitted photos that showed she had crooked teeth. “She has gorgeous teeth now after years of wearing braces, but I thought it might put the judges off,” Therese said. Clearly, it didn’t!

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