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4 Things you Didn’t Know About Novocain From a Charleston Dentist

Oftentimes, when people refer to sedation dentistry, they usually refer to having an injection of Novocain. However, most dentists stopped using Novocain in the 1940s! Here are some interesting facts about the history of Novocain, one of the first drugs ever used in modern sedation dentistry. Fact 1: Novocain was almost the first manmade anesthetic.   Novocain was first synthesized...
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Worried About Dental Anesthesia? – Ask a Charleston SC Dentist

For most patients who are nervous about an upcoming dental procedure, the procedure itself is just one aspect that’s worrying. The prospect of anesthesia, whether local or general, can be pretty scary too. Not to worry—there is nothing to be afraid of. Here’s everything to know about dental anesthesia from a Charleston dental office. When Dentists Use Anesthesia You might...
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