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Amazing Facts About Ancient Tooth Care from Our Charleston Dentist

It may surprise you to learn that people have been taking care of—or trying to take care of—their teeth for thousands of years. In today’s post, our Charleston dentist shares some interesting facts you may not have known about ancient dentistry, which will probably help you appreciate modern dentistry all the more! Cavemen Drilled Teeth  Scientists in Pakistan made an...
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The World’s Weirdest Animal Teeth | Charleston Family Dentist

As Charleston dentists, we spend most of our time thinking about human teeth and how to treat them—but that doesn’t mean we don’t think animal teeth are really cool, too! Here are some of the most unique, odd, and downright creepy sets of chompers from around the globe. Sheepshead Fish  If you’ve never seen a Sheepshead fish’s teeth, take a...
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