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The Top Benefits of Invisalign from a James Island Dentist

If you are an adult who is considering getting braces, you may have heard of Invisalign, a series of custom plastic aligners used to straighten the teeth. Below are some reasons why Invisalign is so popular with many of our clients! To get Invisalign in James Island or Charleston, make an appointment with us today. They’re Removable If you had...
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How Dental Care Can Improve Your Facial Appearance

When we talk about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, the conversation is usually focused on the teeth themselves: How to make them whiter, straighter, and cleaner. But one oft-overlooked benefit of cosmetic dentistry is that it can also improve your overall facial appearance. Orthodontics, restorations, and straightening methods such as Invisalign can transform the bone structure and subtract years from...
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Is Oil Pulling Effective? Ask a Dentist in Charleston, SC

You may have heard about “oil pulling”, a holistic treatment purported to rid your mouth of unwanted bacteria. Those who swear by the process claim that it whitens teeth, lessens the chances of tooth decay, and destroys the bacteria that cause bad breath. Today, our Charleston, SC dentist will discuss whether or not oil pulling really can benefit your oral...
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