My Crown Fell Out – What Do I Do? Ask a Charleston General Dentist

Losing a crown can be a scary feeling. However, there is no need to panic. All you need to do is protect the tooth until you can get to your dentist. Some practices have emergency dentist services that can see you after normal hours.

Why Do Crowns Fall Out?

Crowns fall out for a number of reasons. Usually, it is due to chewing hard foods, which loosens the bonding. Saliva, which is naturally acidic, can break down the bonding as well. The worst case scenario is when the crown falls off due to decay in the underlying tooth. If you have consistently bad breath, red and swollen gums, or pain, tooth decay might be the culprit.

Save the Crown   

Crowns, as you undoubtedly know, are very expensive and time-consuming to make—so your first priority should be making sure the crown doesn’t get lost or swallowed. Don’t put the loose crown back in your mouth and wedge it over the tooth; this increases the risk that you will swallow it the next time it comes off completely. Instead, put it in a safe place that is easy to find. Save the crown even if it is broken or damaged; your dentist may be able to repair it.

Immediately Schedule a Dental Appointment

After preserving the crown, call your dentist and book an appointment at the earliest date possible. He or she may be able to schedule you in for an unconventional time due to the urgent nature of your issue. Going a night or a day without a crown is not hazardous as long as you are careful not to chew on the tooth. If you need to wait several days, follow the instructions below.

Coat The Crown with Dental Cement

Dental cement can be purchased at most pharmacies. It is usually used to hold dentures in place. Clean the inside of the crown, dab it with the cement, and hold it firmly in place. In addition to keeping the crown on, the dental cement will also coat the tooth and protect it from bacteria. If you cannot find dental cement, or if the crown is too broken or damaged to place over the tooth, you can mold dental wax over the tooth to provide a temporary barrier.

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