Mouth Guards, Occlusal Guards & Night Guards Explained

An occlusal guard is a removal dental appliance that is molded to fit the upper and/or lower arches of teeth to prevent a patient from damage and wear if he/she grind their teeth. Occlusal guards are usually made from a heat cured acrylic with a soft lining. Occlusal guards play a huge role in the treatment of TMD (tempro-mandibular Disorder), along with clenching and grinding. Most people are unaware that they grind or clench their teeth at all because it commonly happens while we sleep. Grinding is typically something that most people do in phases especially during stressful times of their lives. Most wear their occlusal guard only at night (that being the reason people commonly refer to them as night guards); but pending on how badly your grind or clench your teeth your dentist could possibly ask you to wear it during the day from time to time.

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