I Really Enjoy Coffee, But It Stains My Teeth. What Should I Do? Ask Our James Island Cosmetic Dentist

Coffee lovers everywhere know just how damaging it can be to your teeth. The acidic nature weakens enamel, and the dark brown color can easily stain teeth. Fortunately, there a few ways to reduce the damaging effects of coffee without having to limit your caffeine intake.

Drink Water After Coffee

Though brushing your teeth after coffee might be a bad idea, it is still important to rinse your teeth right after drinking coffee. Make sure to rinse your mouth out with plain water as soon as you are done with your coffee to remove acid and staining particles.

Don’t Brush After Drinking Coffee

A lot of people brush their teeth right after their morning coffee to freshen their breath. However, this is very bad if you want white teeth. The acid in coffee slightly weakens enamel, and then the scrubbing motion of a brush makes the staining particles further penetrate and stain the surface of the tooth. Therefore, you should wait at least thirty minutes before drinking teeth.

Drink It Through a Straw

You can completely avoid coffee touching your teeth if you drink it carefully through a straw. While this might not be appealing for hot coffee, this tip does work well if your favorite drinks are iced.

Use a Gentle Teeth Whitener

Of course the most effective way to avoid coffee related staining is to get a regular teeth whitening. According to James Island cosmetic dentists, regular whitening keeps stains from becoming set in the surface of the tooth.

Don’t Sip Coffee Slowly

Research has found that people who slowly sip one cup of coffee throughout the day are more likely to have stains than those who drink one cup of coffee quickly. Slowly drinking coffee seems to extend the period of time that the teeth are exposed to coffee, so it increases stains.

These simple changes in your typical oral hygiene habits can protect your teeth from the staining powers of coffee. When you decide to get your teeth whitened, a professional cosmetic dentist can be extremely helpful. If you are looking for a James Island cosmetic dentist, search no further! Our office can help you to make your smile sparkle. Contact us today to learn more about how we can boost your tooth brightness.