Dental Implant Restoration

Are You Having Issues with Your Dental Implant(s)?

While it is not very common for a dental implant to need to be repaired or replaced, it can occur and Lowcountry Dental Arts is here to help you with the restoration of your implant. Common issues include the crown of your implant cracking or falling off completely, or the implant becoming loose. Despite the extremely high success rate of dental implants, these issues can arise at any time, and under any circumstance. Don’ t wait, contact our James Island dentist to help you with your dental implant restoration.

Reasons Dental Implants Need Restored

1. The first reason is that Osseointegration did not take place, meaning that the titanium implant did not fuse properly with the actual jawbone. If this process does not occur it means that your implant is not acting as the root of your tooth, and therefore can become loose.

2. Another reason why this could occur is that your jawbone is not maintaining the proper density and strength to maintain stability of the implant. This could be because of gum disease or another oral/dental issue. You should reach out to our dentist in James Island, SC immediately if you have any symptoms of gum disease, such as tooth discoloration, bleeding gums, receding gum lines, or chronic bad breath.

However, if your implant becomes loose for any reason, call our office right away since we are the leading cosmetic dentist in the restoration of dental implants. Addressing treatment for a broken dental implant can vary from case to case depending on the portion of the implant that needs to be repaired, and we’re here for you and specialize in dental implant restoration.

Call Lowcountry Dental Arts today to schedule an appointment to have your dental implant examined by one of our dental professionals!

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