Cosmetic Dentistry Is Not Just Teeth Whitening. It’s So Much More…

There is one question that we hear a lot from new patients…. “Is a veneer as strong as a crown?”

Porcelain veneers were created to provide patients with a conservative alternative to fully crowning teeth. However, the public started hearing about the esthetic benefits of porcelain veneers with a well-publicized television program called “Extreme Makeover”.

We utilize porcelain veneers in our practice to provide the patients with a conservative option of using a porcelain veneer versus a porcelain crown.  When preparing a tooth for a veneer, we prepare the front and sides of the tooth and the back remains your own natural tooth.  For patients that have old fillings, or grind their teeth, this is a very conservative solution to reinforce the cracks that occur in teeth overtime, and give you back the length you have lost.

As a bonus, with the latest and greatest porcelain veneers we can change the shape, size, position, and color to compliment your natural skin tones.

Patients also ask if veneers are stronger than crowns.  Based on our experience, we have found porcelain veneers to be stronger for many reasons.

Bonding porcelain to natural tooth enamel is the strongest bond we have currently in dentistry, and with these amazing bonding agents; it allows us to wind the clock back years without having to remove excessive amounts of tooth structure.

Maintaining porcelain veneers is simple.  Treat them the exact same way you would treat a natural tooth.  Brush and floss daily as you would your natural teeth, see your dental hygienist at least twice annually for professional teeth cleaning, and if you are a heavy tooth grinder, wear a preventative night guard to protect your teeth while you are sleeping.

Cosmetic dentistry is not only a pretty smile, but also a strong conservative alternative to porcelain crowns.

If you have any more questions or concerns regarding porcelain veneers, contact our cosmetic dentists in James Island today and we will be glad to answer your questions!