Are Veneers Permanent or Reversible? Ask Our Charleston Dentist

If you are considering getting veneers from our Charleston cosmetic dentist, you may be wondering how much of a commitment you will have to make. Get the answers below. 

How Veneers Are Applied 

Most porcelain or composite dental veneers are 02.-0.3 mm thick. If we applied them directly to the surface of your existing teeth, they would feel very thick and heavy—and would likely be very uncomfortable (not to mention strange-looking!) In order to keep your teeth looking and feeling natural, your cosmetic dentist will remove about .3 mm of enamel from the surface of your teeth. That may not sound like much, but given the sensitivity of your mouth and teeth, it’s a major change. 

It’s also important to understand that, once a veneer has been bonded to your teeth, the enamel cannot re-mineralize, even if the veneer is removed. To sum all this up, no, veneers are not intended to be reversible. High-quality veneers are intended to be as permanent as possible, lasting for 10 to even 25 years depending on maintenance. 

But I’ve Seen “Reversible Veneers” Advertised Online…

Yes, there are some veneer brands which are marketed as “reversible.” These are typically bonded to the teeth with a temporary adhesive. Instead of removing the enamel from the tooth surface, it is lightly etched by the dentist, and can be polished down to restore smoothness once the veneers are removed. While the teeth will appear much the same as they did before the veneers, there will still be still an overall loss of dental enamel, and because of the bonding agent used, remineralisation will not be possible. 

While these types of veneers can be acceptable under some circumstances—for instance, if you are considering veneers, but are not ready to make the full commitment, you could experiment with these temporary alternatives—but on the whole, we advise you to avoid them. Most “reversible” veneers are low-quality products that are mass-produced overseas with little government oversight. Unlike custom veneers, they cannot easily be tailored to your unique face shape, bite, and other factors. If you find “cheap” veneers available online, be very wary! Real, quality veneers should be applied carefully by a licensed dentist. 

Veneers: A Lifelong Commitment to A New Smile

Many people find veneers to be a great option for restoring their smiles. However, this is a major treatment that is not for everyone. If you are considering getting veneers in Charleston, it is important to understand that they will change your natural tooth structure forever—they cannot simply be removed if you change your mind. Without a layer of real or artificial enamel to protect it, your sensitive tooth dentin will be brittle and unprotected, and at high risk for fractures and chips. Think very carefully and do your research before pursuing veneers, because once they’re on, they shouldn’t come off for the next few decades! 

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