4 Benefits of Restorative Dentistry & Common Procedures

An attractive smile is something that really should not be ignored. Your smile helps you communicate to others that you are a kind, confident and warm person. Not only that, but a healthy smile allows you to maintain good oral health. If you are unhappy with your smile this shows. Restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry can help you to look better and feel better. Whether your teeth are discolored, broken, chipped, your gums are overgrown, you have a misaligned smile or missing teeth, an experienced dentist can help you.

Gum Correction
Over time, a person’s gums can overtake the teeth or the gums can become uneven in appearance. A mild anesthetic is administered during a gum correction procedure, and the dentist or oral surgeon will correct the problem. This can be a great procedure to make a person’s smile look nicer but it also helps prevent issues like gingivitis and infection.

Dental Crowns
When a tooth is damaged or broken this can be uncomfortable but it can also be dangerous. A broken tooth is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and a pretty serious infection can occur. Restorative dentistry will utilize the existing tooth that you still have present, and dental crowns will be adhered to the tooth once the surface has been prepped. The crown itself is fully functional and looks natural.

If you are unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of your smile, you can have veneers attached to the front of your teeth. Your tooth remains behind the veneer, but what people see is a whiter, more perfect tooth.

Teeth Whitening
A very simple but effective way to make a smile look healthier, is a teeth whitening procedure. There are a number of products used to whiten a person’s smile. The exact amount a person wants to whiten their smile is up to them and a dentist can achieve the look you want very simply. This procedure is often very affordable and very non-invasive so it is widely used and preferred by many people.

No matter how damaged or broken you think your smile is, an experienced dentist can help you. Immediately upon having a plan in place you will feel happier and more confident knowing what the future holds. Over time, you will be able to maintain better oral health and you will also be able to function better. The long term benefits are impressive.

Contact us today if you feel your mouth, gums or teeth are in need of some restorative dentistry work. Lowcountry Dental Arts will be glad to consult with you and determine if you are a candidate for restorative dentistry to create a plan to match your needs, goals, scheduling time and , more importantly, your budget. We look forward to hearing from you!