3 Ideas for Preserving Your Baby’s First Tooth from our Charleston Pediatric Dentist

Your baby’s first tooth is certainly a milestone, so it’s not surprising that many parents want to preserve this very special keepsake for years to come. Rather than simply storing the tooth in a box, here are a few more ideas you can use once the Tooth Fairy has come and gone.

Put it in a shadow box

Instead of burying the tooth in a drawer, consider making a shadowbox of “firsts”, including a lock of hair, footprint, pacifier, and rattle. Hang it on the wall of the nursery, the child’s bedroom, or your bedroom for a unique memento that will last for years to come!

Put it in a keepsake locket

One great way to save your child’s first tooth is by placing it in a keepsake locket. Not all keepsake lockets are heart-shaped; many are circular or shaped like treasure chests. It’s a great way to keep your child close to your heart, even after they’re all grown up. If you are a husband or father, this can be a great anniversary present!

Repurpose a ring box

If you’re looking for a way to keep track of a baby tooth, and aren’t interested in purchasing a box, you can make good use of an old ring box that is no longer being used. Simply stick the tooth upright in-between the fold, and keep it where you keep other precious things.

How to preserve a tooth at home

Teeth don’t generally deteriorate much over time, though they will likely lose a little of their shine. If the tooth is not fully dry, however, mold and bacteria can grow on it. To prevent this, simply swipe the tooth with rubbing alcohol and air dry it in a sunny, clean place.

Preserving baby teeth for stem cells

Some research shows that stem cells that are harvested from baby teeth might be able to repair and regenerate tissues sometime in the future. Since adult stem cells can only come from bone marrow, umbilical cords, fat, and baby teeth, this makes baby teeth very valuable, especially if your baby were to need stem cells in the future.

If you’re interested in preserving baby teeth for stem cells, there are many commercial facilities that can preserve and store them. However, it’s worth noting that there’s no telling if or when stem cells will actually be usable. To date, the FDA has yet to approve the use of dental stem cells in any medical procedure.

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